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Current versions: low-resolution=LR7 / high-resolution=HR1

Important announcements (Full news & updates here)
- 2017 Jul 14: Partially-extended source flux calibration is now provided for tapered column extractions
- 2016 Nov 23: CASSIS now stands for "Combined Atlas of Sources with Spitzer IRS spectra. New URL to CASSIS: cassis.sirtf.com
- 2015 Jun 25: First release for high-resolution (HR1)! See accompanying published paper
- 2015 Jun 25: LR7 released. See Technical Note.
- 2014 Feb 26: LR6 released. See Technical Note.
- 2013 Mar 26: LR5 released. See Technical Note.
- 2011 Aug 15: CASSIS released ("LR4"). See accompanying published paper

Spectral Maps and serendipitous sources
  • Note that spectral maps are not included in CASSIS. Furthermore, only the spectra of intended sources are available, the serendipitous sources catalog is under consideration.
Access to the complete repository:
  • Please note: we provide CASSIS for downloading individual, optimally extracted IRS spectra to support scientific publication using the best quality extractions available.
  • Our limited hardware resources are not configured to provide for downloading the database in bulk at this time.
  • We welcome inquiries and collaborations on data-mining the full collection with specific scientific objectives. Please contact us.

How to acknowledge CASSIS and the seminal Spitzer/IRS papers:

The CASSIS atlas is presented in two publications. We ask users to refer to the relevant paper (or the two papers if appropriate) in their studies:

  • Reference for the low-resolution atlas: (click here for detailed bibliography links)
    "CASSIS: The Cornell Atlas of Spitzer/IRS Sources", Lebouteiller, V., Barry, D.J., Spoon, H.W.W., Bernard-Salas, J., Sloan, G.C., Houck, J.R., & Weedman, D., 2011, ApJS, 196, 8
  • Reference for the high-resolution atlas: (click here for detailed bibliography links)
    "CASSIS: The Cornell Atlas of Spitzer/IRS Sources. II. High-resolution Observations", Lebouteiller, V., Barry, D.J., Goes, C., Sloan, G.C., Spoon, H.W.W., Weedman, D.W., Bernard-Salas, J., Houck, J.R., 2015, ApJS, 218, 21
  • A footnote may also be used where appropriate:
    The Combined Atlas of Sources with Spitzer IRS Spectra (CASSIS) is a product of the IRS instrument team, supported by NASA and JPL.
  • Specify the AORkey(s) and the date of retrieval (or version number) in your publications.

  • Additional references:
      - The primary paper for Spitzer: Werner et al. 2004.
      - The primary paper for the IRS instrument: Houck et al. 2004.
      - For studies using the SMART software: Lebouteiller et al. 2010 and Higdon et al. 2004.

    Tools & Links : IRS pocket guide IRS handbook IRSA server SMART page IRS data analysis tools Publications using CASSIS Acronyms