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Current versions: low-resolution=LR7 / high-resolution=HR1

Important announcements (Full news & updates here)
- 2017 Jul 14: Partially-extended source flux calibration is now provided for tapered column extractions
- 2016 Nov 23: CASSIS now stands for "Combined Atlas of Sources with Spitzer IRS spectra. New URL to CASSIS: cassis.sirtf.com
- 2015 Jun 25: First release for high-resolution (HR1)! See accompanying published paper
- 2015 Jun 25: LR7 released. See Technical Note.
- 2014 Feb 26: LR6 released. See Technical Note.
- 2013 Mar 26: LR5 released. See Technical Note.
- 2011 Aug 15: CASSIS released ("LR4"). See accompanying published paper

List of publications:
- using data from the CASSIS atlas
- using Smart/AdOpt

We list below the existing, independent, atlas projects for Spitzer/IRS:
- Spitzer Atlas of Stellar Spectra
- Star-forming and active galaxies Spitzer/IRS ATLAS

Tools & Links : IRS pocket guide IRS handbook IRSA server SMART page IRS data analysis tools Publications using CASSIS Acronyms