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Current versions: low-resolution=LR7 / high-resolution=HR1

Important announcements (Full news & updates here)
- 2017 Jul 14: Partially-extended source flux calibration is now provided for tapered column extractions
- 2016 Nov 23: CASSIS now stands for "Combined Atlas of Sources with Spitzer IRS spectra. New URL to CASSIS: cassis.sirtf.com
- 2015 Jun 25: First release for high-resolution (HR1)! See accompanying published paper
- 2015 Jun 25: LR7 released. See Technical Note.
- 2014 Feb 26: LR6 released. See Technical Note.
- 2013 Mar 26: LR5 released. See Technical Note.
- 2011 Aug 15: CASSIS released ("LR4"). See accompanying published paper

We encourage CASSIS users to join the CASSIS Users mailing list and share experiences, data recipes, advice, and problems. The CASSIS principals monitor this list and will assist as time permits. CASSIS is a work in progress! Help us make it better.

Specific and reproducible bugs can be reported through the MANTIS bugtracker
(make sure to select the CASSIS project with the top/right box in MANTIS)

For urgent feedback and for general inquiries, please contact vianney.lebouteiller (-/-at-/-) cea.fr

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